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Leah Juliett (they/them) is an award-winning LGBTQ+ speaker, writer, performer, and political change-maker from Connecticut.

Leah is the Founder of The March Against Revenge Porn, an international cyber-civil rights campaign dedicated to eradicating revenge porn and image abuse through national protest marches. Leah is the first gender non-conforming winner of Glamour Magazine College Woman of the Year, a GLAAD Rising Star Award recipient, the winner of the Delta Airlines Accelerating Acceptance Grant, and the recipient of the Excellence in Student Journalism honor from the National Association of LGBTQ+ Journalists. In 2019, Leah delivered a TED talk entitled “How I Survived Revenge Porn”. Leah’s activism primarily focuses on combatting LGBTQIA+ discrimination, political engagement, revenge porn and cyber civil rights. 


Leah Juliett (they/them) is an award-winning LGBTQ+ speaker, writer, performer, and political change-maker from Connecticut.

Leah is the Founder of The March Against Revenge Porn, an international cyber-civil rights campaign dedicated to eradicating revenge porn and image abuse through national protest marches. The March Against Revenge Porn has been featured in national and international press, such as CNN, BBC, MTV, Sky News, and Canadian Television News Network. As Founder of The March Against Revenge Porn, Leah utilized protest, education, media advocacy and grassroots organizing to shed light on intersectional victimization of cyber sex crimes. The March Against Revenge Porn advocates for state and federal legislation changes, stigma-free dialogue, internet safety for LGBTQ+ youth and public school cyber sex education. Most recently, Leah worked with the Sentencing Commission at the Connecticut General Assembly to amend Connecticut’s Unlawful Dissemination of an Intimate Image statute to include transgender bodies. Through The March Against Revenge Porn, Leah delivered trainings and keynote presentations at universities, conferences, and community centers nationwide.

As recipient of the 2018 GLAAD Rising Star Award and Delta Airlines Accelerating Acceptance Award, Leah received funding to found the National LGBTQ Youth Town Hall, a national campaign and town hall event empowering LGBTQ voters for the 2018 Midterm Elections. Leah served as Executive Director of the National LGBTQ Town Hall campaign and hosted the event in October 2018.

In 2018, Leah served as District Intern to United States Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut. While interning for Senator Murphy, Leah issued a staff training presentation on transgender civil rights issues and worked aiding constituents and staff on a variety of state and national issues. Previously, Leah has served as Senior Policy Intern at the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence under Representative Jillian Gilchrist. During this time, Leah worked investigating the close relationship between revenge porn and human sex trafficking, and presented this research to the Trafficking in Persons Council at the Connecticut General Assembly. In 2017, Leah served as District Intern to United States Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty. During this time, Leah created an accessible database of district-wide LGBTQ+ resources for administrative use. In the Fall of 2016, Leah completed an internship in Communications with OutRight Action International, the only LGBTIQ organization with affiliation with the United Nations. During the internship, Leah utilized both communication and activism skills to analyze global human rights abuses- and had the opportunity to attend the highest level meeting on LGBTQ+ issues in the history of the United Nations. 

From 2016-2019, Leah was involved as an advocate and representative of GLAAD, the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ media organization. In 2018, Leah served as Youth Engagement Coordinator, where they worked Implementing youth perspectives and engagement in multi-faceted campaigns across all GLAAD programmatic areas. Leah is a Founding member of GLAAD’s Campus Ambassador Program, and served on GLAAD”s Junior Editorial Team. Through GLAAD, Leah can be seen in viral social media campaigns accelerating acceptance nationwide. In January 2018, Leah authored an open letter to Congress on gun violence prevention and reform, which was signed by over 100 college representatives. Leah was featured in GLAAD"s "#Say the 7 Campaign in the Huffington Post, Spirit Day Campaign in Teen Vogue, and their viral Seventeen Magazine LGBTQ video campaign. In May 2017, Leah joined GLAAD to present on activism in the digital age at the Human Rights Campaign "Time to Thrive" Conference in Washington, D.C, and has joined GLAAD at the National Equality March and the New York City Pride March. Additionally, Leah has been trained in GLAAD"s official Media Training Institute. 

Since 2012, Leah has been working with national and regional LGBTQ+ organizations. In 2017, Leah worked with PFLAG and Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare to discuss methods and policies to combat transgender healthcare inequity, Leah has worked with The True Colors Organization, Boston Pride, New York Heritage of Pride, The Ally Coalition, and The Human Rights Campaign. In 2015, Leah served as a social media ambassador for Instagram's critically acclaimed and viral "Visible Me" campaign. Leah has also worked with The Connecticut Department of Justice on their LGBTQ "It Gets Better Campaign".

Leah is a member of the National Association of LGBTQ+ Journalists (NLGJA) and recipient of the 2018 Excellence in Student Journalism Award for their work exposing the intersection of LGBTQ+ identity and cyber sexual violence. Leah’s political essays and poems have been featured in numerous journals and publications, including Seventeen Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Happiful Magazine, Palm Springs Pride Magazine, GLAAD, Grok Nation, MTV News, and OutRight Action International. National poetry journals include Death in the Afternoon (Cornell University), The Manifest-Station, and The Body Back Project. Leah is an alumni of the Brave New Voices International Slam Poetry Festival.

Leah received their Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Conflict Resolution and focus in Gender Studies and Justice and Law Administration from the Kathwari Honors Program at Western Connecticut State University. Leah has received LGBTQ+ media training from the GLAAD Media Institute (2017) and leadership training from the Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Conference (2013). Leah plans to pursue a career in civil rights law and social justice. Leah is the first gender non-conforming winner of Glamour Magazine’s College Woman of the Year award, and is also the recipient of the Rosa Parks Global Citizen Award, the Arthur & Alberta Rosien Memorial Scholarship for Political Science, the Dena M. Castricone scholarship, the David Knapp scholarship, and the 2017 Hancock Student Leadership Award from Western Connecticut State University.